Luca Fraccalvieri

Master of Architecture and Engineering
Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy
Graz University of Technology, Austria
Master of Architectural Visualization
State of Art Academy, Venice, Italy
Member of Chamber of Architects Bari, Italy
Licensed Architect in Bari, Italy


Luca is founding partner of Snono Studio and president of Unopuntozero, nonprofit organization committed to digital fabrication
that got awarded as an innovative project in the region of Apulia.

Prior to Snono Studio, Luca worked on world ranked and award winning projects as a computation and environmental designer in Transsolar
Klima Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany. Luca contributed to the foundation of Urban Center Bitonto, an institution whose core missions
are urban planning and citizens’ engagement.

Luca is a former member of FabLab Bitonto and contributed to the foundation of FabLab Poliba, the digital fabrication laboratory of the
Polytechnic University of Bari where he was research assistant and a member of the board of directors before fully focusing on Snono Studio.

Luca’s interests lie in multidisciplinary design and smart technologies applied to traditional design. He is an expert in the 3D world, from
architectural visualization, VR to digital manufacturing and coding.


@ snonostudio
→Majid alfutiam Beirut city center environmental design, Lebanon
→Apulia, 13 innovative projects, in collaboration with Finepro srl, Apulia, Italy
→Casa Lippolis, Passive wooden villa, Apulia, Italy
→Casa Molfetta, Interior Design, Apulia, Italy
@ Luca Fraccalvieri Architect
→Urban Mobility Sustainability Plan Bitonto, Bari, with SIT&A Engineering
→The Void, Computational Design and Digital Fabrication with Ahmad Nouraldeen and FabLab Poliba