Casa LS Passive House

Key principles

Architecture, Environmental responsive design, Energy studies, Architectural visualization, Passive house, Construction


Year: 2019-2020
Country: Noci, Apulia, Italy
Client: Private Client, FL + TS, Italy

Energy retrofit and restoration of an old private villa in the Apulian Region (warm mediterranean climate)and construction of a new block with a great view to the apulian landscape, famous for its traditional drystone walls and “trulli” (dry stone hut with a conical roof). 

Energy studies were made to choose new block orientation, cantilevering depth and openings in order to optimize solar gains while reducing envelope losses and improving thermal comfort during winter and especially during summer. PV, radiant floors, and thermal solar collector were used to improve energy efficiency of the building while rain was collected to and old pre-existing water well. 

The design combines traditional materials, such as stone and wood, and new technologies and the process involves innovative technologies to integrate the client during the design process, taking advantage of VR technology and advanced architectural visualization.