Eye Loop

Key principles

Hybrid tensile structure


Year: 2018
Country: Bari, Italy
Institution: Polytechnic University of Bari
Instructors: Ahmad Nouraldeen & Luca Fraccalvieri

This hybrid tensile structure utilizes a material for two structural behaviors: tension and bending moment simultaneously in the same module that can be utilized as an effective and efficient structure doubling as a parametrically optimized skin.

The tension minimal surface constitutes the main structural component identified by forces travelling through weft and warp along the horizontal and vertical analytical force net.

The paneling system that triangulates the analytical net thus have forces running through the 2 edges of the triangle, the remaining third edge constitutes the active bending of the modules that is introduced as a resultant of the compression to the quadrant diagonals in the double curved tension surface.

The geometric deformation sculpted by targeted bending of the panels is utilized as a single curved module that is optimized to respond to solar radiation (in both its direct and reflected lit forms).

The target is the ability to design a single structural and skin module system that utilize the material performance as a performing structure and a climate responsive skin. In addition to this the system is designed to have an adaptive detail system that uses the module itself without an intermediate connection to assemble the structure. Thus rendering a minimal surface structure that duels as a skin, patterned and adapted to any analytical double curved surface.