Jeddah Yacht Club

Key principles

High performance lightweight and tensile structural design, Environmental optimization, urban planning


Year: 2018-2020
Country: Saudi Arabia
Client: Rely Industries FZCO

Snono Studio was commissioned to design the masterplan and architecture design of the Jeddah Yacht Club. The ensemble of structures and network of functions are treated like a well knitted organism that hosts friendly, distinct and easily identifiable clusters of programs ranging from restaurants, a hotel, event spaces and entertainment halls.

The architectural language and landscape design brings together a local identity to the project immersed with a contemporary feel. The use of lightweight steel and tensile structures allow for generous open span ceilings for several buildings across the site that provide shading and a friendly atmosphere across the site.

The overall composition of the site provides visitors with a distinct architectural experience that easily identifies the sum of its parts as belonging to the signature brand of the Yacht Club complex. The masterplan explicitly caters to the comfort of the pedestrian and their movement from one part of the project to another. Islands and clusters of trees, plants and foliage spread evenly and generously in areas of user activity. Access for automobiles are limited to the southern edge of the site boundaries, connecting to the Fashion Hall, Hotel and entry point of the entertainment and gastronomical programs.