Mozambique Preschool

Key principles

Architectural competition, Sustainable materials, Sensitive natural habitat, Wood structure


Role: Structural and environmental consultants
Collaboration with Burau Studio
Year: 2020
Country: Mozambique

Mozambique Preschool – “Under the Roof”. As a collaboration with BURAU – Beirut – we helped our partners to develop the environmental, energy and structural concept of this school in Mozambique.

“The school configures as a contained and protective boundary, providing spaces with a safe and inclusive environment”.

“The soft dried grass roof captures sun, water and wind. It acts as the vital entity that feeds all the programs happening below: the learning and the support islands. The learning environment actively emerges from the ground. It is further celebrated by the roof morphing upwards into a solar chimney to cool down the classrooms and play spaces below. Whereas the roof is inverted downwards to feed the mute support functions with a rainwater collection passive system.”

“The school appears naturally anchored in its lush context. It provides a much needed nurturing and comforting environment for the kids to sensibly thrive and evolve”