Saida Waterfront

Key principles

Urban performance design, Public space, Climate responsive design, Lightweight structures, Structural design, Value engineering, Design development, Architectural visualization


Year: 2018
Country: Saida, Lebanon
Client: Saida Observatory for Social Impact, Columbia University School of Architecture

Snono took charge of the design and engineering development of the elegant and elaborate canopy structure designed by students of Columbia University (New York City) in cooperation with both Saida’s municipality and the SOSI (Saida Observatory for Social Impact).

As part of our scope, iterations to the original design’s details and materials were implemented to provide both value engineering and alignment to the city’s local regulations.

The Historic district of Saida has a special relationship with its sea that is reflected in its identity, economy and social character.

We provided the environmental assessment and value engineering, leading to an optimization of the designed structural canopy, its materials and skin enclosures. The outcome maximizes outdoor comfort for users frequenting the commercial area.

All iterations resulting from these studies preserve the essence of Columbia University’s concept design.