Flamingo Visitor Center

Key principles

Architectural competition, Sustainable materials, Sensitive natural habitat, Wood structure


Year: 2020
Client: Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi
Country: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Nestled in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the “Al Wathba” wetland reserve is home to a vibrancy of wildlife – over 250 species of birds – the most famous of which are its magnificent waves of pink flock. The flamingo population.

The project’s aim is to gradually introduce visitors to the wildlife and the vegetation with the minimum disruption to the flamingo’s sensitive natural habitat: the salty bodies of water that they call home.

Built out of sustainable material, wood, the structure raises gently over the sand providing scenic panoramic views of the reserve, with minimum impact on the existing topography and barely any excavation works, sitting on the sand, the structure allows wildlife to roam ad traverse freely underneath the structure to reach the oasis of animal and plant life.