The Vale Dubai Creek

Key principles

Catenary structure, Climate responsive, Biophilic design, Lightweight responsive structures


Year: 2019
Country: Dubai Creek, UAE
Client: Emaar Development

Dhows, sails and nets were primary fishing components that populated the foreshore of Dubai Creek; a crown jewel of old Dubai’s waterfront. The importance of the creek as a hub for commercial activity is reflected and passed on today with the vibrantly modern, trade-rich and a business oriented Creek Harbour.

The craftsmanship that sustained and activated the Creek was an anchor stone in Dubai marine culture throughout history. The consistent and primary feature that accompanied this evolution is epitomized by the fishing net: an efficient light weight tool that remains stubbornly effective, which accompanies this culture into the modern era of cutting-edge global trade and metropolitan life.

Design intervention: A vertical extension from sea and land.

Dwellers ascend to The Vale through a ramp cutting through the water surface. When on top, the journey continues through a series of programmed trails between the hanging forests of the net.

The form was parametrically determined using Catenary nets with distributed weight loads across the analytic cable net.