The Earth Shell

Key principles

Urban Structures, Climate responsive design, Environmental simulations, Structural optimization


Year: 2014
Country: Stuttgart, Killsberg Park. Germany
Client: collaboration with Transsolar Klima Engineering

Modular Green Light-Weight Structure (in collaboration with Transsolar Klima Engineering).

“The Earth Shell” shall be adaptive in form and use, easy to assemble and disassemble, modular, light-weight and compact, making it feasible as a do-it-yourself project for any building resident and applied on any roof.

The proposal is to design a lightweight super-roof “ the Earth shell” to be implemented on roof tops over existing roof top installations, making use of the dead roof space. The Earth Shell would bridge over the permanent roof fixtures to create a new shell covering the old roof and, at the same time, not affect the old roof’s arrangement or its ongoing use.